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NonStop Technical Library

HPE NonStop Softdocs
HPE NonStop Manuals

The most recently updated manuals are on these pages. Click Title to sort the manuals alphabetically.

(Access to this content is restricted to HPE service providers and channel partners only)

Note: For help locating manuals, see Tips for locating NonStop Manuals on the HPSC.

Accessing softdocs requires an account with NonStop eServices.

Tips: You can easily register for an account at:

To access softdocs, click  HPE Integrity NonStop Softdocs

Log in to NonStop eServices Portal. Under the e-Services Applications pane on the left, select Scout for NonStop servers.

The Scout for NonStop servers home page appears.

 - Select the Document Search tab.

 - Optional: Enter information in the Search Text field.

 - Optional: Enter a date range in the Release Date field.

 - Select the SoftDocs radio button and select a Search Scope.

 - Click Submit.  The list of Softdocs appears. Click on a file name to view it.

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